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Service Guarantee

There is a refund guarantee for Webhosting payments made to ComNetSoft. This period is valid for 7 days after the order is placed. Customers who benefit from our virtual server, dedicated server, domain name, monthly hosting reseller, and other services are not within the scope of the refund. Refunds under the 7-Day Money Back guarantee are made within 21 business days.

Resellers have the right to terminate their members' memberships. Arbitrary refund requests will not be considered.

ComNetSoft Information Technologies is responsible for keeping the service UP (open) from the date of the order for the ordered period for the hosted server and other services. If the following rules are violated, this responsibility will be eliminated, and the service in question will be shut down.


In order for all services provided by ComNetSoft Information Technologies to be activated, service fees must be paid in advance. In addition, if the payment dates of our existing customers coincide with weekends or public holidays, service payments must be made on the business days before weekends or public holidays.

ComNetSoft Information Technologies' customer tracking system is completely automatic and automatically stops services that have passed 1 hour from the payment date and have not yet been paid. If payment is not made within 4 hours following the suspension of the service, all information belonging to the user is deleted from the Netbudur Network Services servers.

ComNetSoft Information Technologies cannot be held responsible for any data loss that may occur in such situations. In the event of a payment delay for any service, ComNetSoft Information Technologies reserves the right to suspend the user's other services and to refrain from restarting the services until the necessary payment is made. This right includes the right to suspend the use of the domain name and take over the domain name if payment is not made. The total fee amount for services paid with PayPal is calculated in USD.

Domain Names

All domain names registered through ComNetSoft Information Technologies are recorded in accordance with the information provided by the customer during registration. The use of all domain names belongs to the customer.

ComNetSoft Information Technologies sends warning emails to the customer near the end date of the domain name. However, it is entirely the customer's responsibility to track the expiration date of the domain name. ComNetSoft Information Technologies cannot be held responsible for lost domain names due to expiration.

System Usage

Customers who receive web hosting and reseller hosting services from ComNetSoft Information Technologies agree to share the same server with other customers. If a website belonging to any customer uses server resources in a way that affects the working speed of other customers' sites, ComNetSoft Information Technologies reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the publication of this website.

In such a case, ComNetSoft Information Technologies may request that the customer move their website to another server. In such cases, ComNetSoft Information Technologies has the right to decide whether to make a refund or not.